Trotter Experiment

There were a flurry of conversations about pig's feet recently. Dom's cousins remember them as being considered a delicacy growing up. They even recall them being given as a St. Valentine's Day present one year. While Sonny and I were at the grocery store, we happened to see packages of pig’s feet in the meat case. Sonny stopped and said, “Hey Mom, are those what everyone is talking about?” I thought it was an astonishing coincidence. Believing in providence, I grabbed the smallest pack ($1.74 for 2 lbs.) and threw it in the cart.

Everyone was out of the house this morning, so I thought it a perfect time to try cooking up the trotters. I found a recipe on the internet and added the ingredients to a pot, brought the mixture to a boil, then reduced the heat, covered the pot, and left the mixture to simmer for several hours as the recipe called for. About a half-hour later, Dom and Nic walked in. Dom started gasping for air and opening windows. Nic said, “Oh my Stars! That smells worse than my sneakers after the Peachtree Road Race!” Thus I was banished to finish cooking the concoction outside on the grill's burner. Once they finished cooking, I removed the feet and placed them in a jar. I added the vinegar to the boiling liquid and brought it back to a rolling boil, then poured the liquid over the feet, placed the lid on the jar and set it aside to cool.

After a day in the refrigerator, the jar contained a solid mass of congealed feet and jelly. Sonny was the only one of the Romeo men brave enough to taste the finished product. He said that they tasted like pork ribs with way too much vinegar. The jelly was not a big hit. I could really taste the pork, but the vinegar taste was strong, and nobody mentioned all the little bones in previous posts. I’m glad I tried it, but I think it was a one-time effort.

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