Last Minute Brunch

Now that the boys are teenagers, they manage to sleep in the mornings, while Dom and I still get up early. We have always been early-risers. So while waiting for the boys to wake up, Dom headed to Costco (of course!) to "pick up a few things."

He arrived home with a car-full of "things," but nothing specifically for breakfast. After looking at the clock and seeing that it was now 11:00am, we decided that perhaps a Brunch was in order.

So after a while of perusing the pantry and pondering the possibilities, we decided to make gnocchi with peppered bacon and (gorgeous, fresh, organic) chanterelles sauteed with fresh thyme and butter. To go with this, we sliced an heirloom tomato and drizzled it with EV olive oil, added a few "globs" of Chèvre and a chiffonade of fresh basil. We decadently opened a bottled of champagne and enjoyed a long leisurely meal.

Happy Father's Day, Dom!