Father's Day Gift

It is nigh onto impossible to buy my husband a gift! He sees something he wants and immediately buys it without a single consideration to whether there might be a pending holiday for which someone might need a gift idea. The guys had been planning to replace his stolen GPS device as a Father's Day gift since April. Two weeks before Father's Day he brought one home from Costco. He saw a leather journal he loved at Summerfest that the guys were going to surprise him with , and he bought a similar one on eBay the same night. Frustrating!!!

So, they were thrilled to have come up with a gift that they knew Dom wanted and had not purchased. We trotted off to Cook's Warehouse in Ansley Mall for the perfect gift. Sonny had seen him admiring a particular knife weeks before and was confident this was the perfect gift. He wrote two poems; one for Dom to read before he opened the gift:

Every day is Father’s Day
Every day’s a feast
You always make us laugh away
So you get what is helpful in the least

In the past years we
Have waited till the 11th hour
But Nic and I both agree
This is better than a whimsy flower

So now it is time to open up your present
It’s nice I will admit
We are giving you our consent,
To go ahead and open it…

And one for after he opened it:
A knife, a knife
A very special one
Yours for the rest of your life
Gifted to you by your Sons

Every day is Father’s Day
Ever day’s a feast
But now you have a special way
In which to cut the beast!!!