College Cooking Series

This series is geared specifically at high school seniors, college students, and those preparing for apartment living on their own. The chapters cover the appliances, pots and pans, and utensils you will need to set up your college kitchen, how to stock your cupboards, and explain some fundamental cooking techniques. It will even give you a few simple recipes to get you started on your way to sustaining yourself in a healthy and economical way.

Chapter 1: Here We GO!
Chapter 2: In the Heat of Battle
Chapter 3: Gearing Up
Chapter 4: Kitchenware Prepare
Chapter 5: Spice(s) of Life
 Chapter 6: Stocking The Pantry
  Chapter 7: Fundamental Techniques
 Chapter 8: Essential Ingredient - Rice
Chapter 9: Essential Ingredient - Pasta
Chapter 10: Essential Ingredient - Eggs
Chapter 11: Essential Ingredient - Beans
Chapter 12: Stone Soup
Chapter 13: Ready, Set, Cook!