Fried kidneys

Dom's telephone calls to his Aunt Rose are always enlightening and somehow always include food! During the most recent call, Aunt Rose said that when she was growing up, her father (Dom's Grandpa) would bring home calf kidneys and Grandma would have to boil them FOREVER to make make sure that they were clean before she would fry them with peppers. Aunt Rose said the house would stink so horribly that one day she realized that it was pig "pee." She didn't like the fried kidneys even before she had this revelation! Aunt Rose continued saying that her sister Mary loved fried kidneys. Once Aunt Mary ate a dish that his Grandma made and encouraged her to try but didn't tell her what it was. After eating and liking it, Mary asked what it she was eating and her father (Dom's Grandpa) told her it was the goiter of a cow. Needless to say his Aunt Mary wasn't happy while Grandma and Grandpa laughed and laughed! Some things never change. People love to tell stories about their siblings.