Challah: Braided Loaves of Tradition

Something about Challah is synonymous with Autumn. Perhaps this because warm baked bread is awesome on a nippy fall day, but more likely because our Jewish friends begin celebrating their High Holidays during the season. Challah is basically a brioche. Brioche is sweet bread and is likely what Marie-Antoinette was referring to when she said, “If they have no bread, let them eat cake.”
You don’t have to be Jewish to make a Challah. And, there is no rule that the loaves must be braided although the interlaced dough with its egg-wash sheen is surely impressive! You can bake it in small pans to be taken out and eaten with a little butter and jam. You can roll it into little buns to use for sandwiches or you shape it into a loaf to serve at dinner, any day of the week. This bread is extremely versatile, but most importantly it is extremely delicious! 
1 cup warm water  1 packet (1 tablespoon) yeast 1/3 cup neutral oil ((butter or lard would make the bread non-kosher) 2 eggs  1 large egg yolk (re…

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