Easter at the Romeo House

The day before Easter, we color Easter eggs to "help the Easter Bunny." On Easter morning, Nic and Sonny always get up early (even though encourage them to sleep in!) They get a poem from the "Easter Bunny" with clues about where their baskets are hidden. Some years the baskets are easy to find and sometimes REALLY hard. Last year, one basket was in the fireplace and the other was in the clothes dryer.

While they hunt for baskets, Dom and I make breakfast. We make breakfast so that the guys eat something other than chocolate before we head to Mass. If we are having dinner at home, we always have lamb. One year, Dom cooked a leg of lamb at our fireplace. He tied a string to the leg and let it "spin" in front of a blazing fire all day. It smelled SO good. It was like food TV; watching the lamb spin all day made everybody hungry. We can't do that every year because the weather is usually too warm.

I make deviled eggs with the Easter eggs. Dom and Nic don't like them so Sonny and I eat our fill. We hope the "Easter Bunny" was good to everyone! Happy Easter!