Turkey Shopping

It seems that Dom’s Grandma sent his Grandpa out shopping one day for the coming week’s provisions. So after a long night of working, Grandpa headed to downtown Youngstown to all his favorite grocery stores for a day of shopping. Having collected all his canned goods and non-perishable items, Grandpa stopped at the meat shop on East Federal, to buy a turkey. The store owner bundle the live turkey with twine and handed it over to Grandpa for his journey home. After walking just a few blocks the turkey became restless, too restless to handle along with all of the other bags of groceries. Dom’s Grandpa decided to stop and reassess the situation. Grandpa then unwrapped the twine from around the turkey and carefully crafted it into a collar and leash. He then put the collar on the turkey, picked up his groceries, and walked the turkey home! One can only imagine the look on his Grandma’s face as she watched Grandpa walking down Trusedale Avenue with a turkey on a leash! When Dom’s Grandpa got home after walking with the turkey home, he said: "Sumna bitch, the turkey lost 2 pound!"