Bubble Your Troubles Away!

While Flour Child Baking's Willamae is hopeful that cupcakes are the new bubble, we are still very fond of the old ones. Who isn't? Everyone loves bubbles! They are a wonderful treat to add to your picnic basket or pool bag. Store bought container of bubble solution never lasts very long, especially with some of the bubble toys designed to guzzle the stuff like fuel. Not to mention the inevitable accident when someone knocks over the bubble stuff in their bubble catching enthusiasm. We are still in search of the perfect bubble wand; so far it is a bent coat hanger with electrical tape. This reinforces the theory that the best toys are still homemade. This is our favorite recipe for bubble stuff.

2 cups water
1/2 cup dishwashing liquid soap
1 Tbsp. glycerin (or ¼ cup light corn syrup)

Stir together soap and water. We think Joy works the best. Measure carefully because it does make a difference. Add glycerin which you can buy at the drug store, or corn syrup can be substituted. While the bubble solution works without glycerin or corn syrup, it really makes the bubbles bigger and stronger to add it. We let it sit for a while before we use it, for some reason it works a bit better.

One last tip, use this solution outside especially if you use corn syrup because the corn syrup will attract insects, and it is VERY sticky.

Before including this post, we had a friendly debate about whether this qualifies as a recipe. So we consulted a dictionary to find that a recipe is defined as “a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients; or a formula or procedure for doing or attaining something.” And, at least two of the ingredients are even edible.