Funny Little Funnel

The funnel is a very useful kitchen tool with a wide, conical mouth that tapers down to a narrow stem which is used to channel liquid or fine substances into containers with a small opening. It is a well-used and noble member of the Romeo infrastructure. My recent favorite melted when hot frying oil was poured through it. The funnel before that was made of aluminum and was rendered useless when it was dented beyond repair in a drawer closing incident.

So, with some trepidation, I went shopping for a new funnel knowing that any replacement must be durable at best to survive the rigors of our kitchen. Imagine my excitement when I found a flexible, collapsible, little funnel made from heat resistant silicone! The even better surprise was the price of my new little treasure which was only 99 cents at World Market. Anyone can use a funnel to refill a pepper grinder with peppercorns, but when was the last time you used a funnel to transfer thick cookie dough into a cookie press? The flexible silicone allows you to squeeze thicker foods right through it. I am enjoying putting this funnel to the test. I only wish I had bought two!