Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiramisu Issimo

Tiramisu, whose name means "pick me up" (perhaps a reference to its caffeine content,) is Sonny’s godmother’s favorite dessert. Whenever we go to their home, we take the ingredients to make this dessert and the Illy Issismo Caffé will be a permanent addition to our tiramisu go-kit!

2 eggs, separated
½ cup sugar
½ cup mascarpone
1 6.8 oz.-can of Illy Issismo Caffé
1/4 cup brandy (Kahlua works well too!)
12 lady finger cookies
Cocoa powder

Beat egg yolks with a whisk in a medium bowl. Gradually add sugar, continuing to whisk until mixture is thick, smooth, and pale yellow. Gently fold mascarpone into mixture with a rubber spatula, and then set aside. Put egg whites into a clean, dry mixing bowl and beat with a whisk until they form stiff but not dry peaks.

Fold egg whites into mascarpone mixture and set aside. Pour Illy Issismo Caffé  into a wide, shallow bowl. Dip 4 of the lady finger cookies into the caffé just long enough to moisten them without making them soggy, and then arrange them side by side in a single layer on a serving platter. Spread one-third of the mascarpone mixture over the cookies, then dust with a little cocoa powder. Repeat the entire process twice, dipping the lady finger cookies in caffé and layering them with mascarpone and cocoa. The dessert can be made ahead and refrigerated, but in our experience it rarely makes to the fridge!



Carolyn said...

Wow, your tiramisu is gorgeous. I could definitely use it as a pick-me-up!

Victor said...

I have to admit that I'm a bit fan of tiramisu using coffee as an ingredient. Limoncello tiramisu is what I love to make as an alternative.

Hearty Appletite said...

I LOVE tiramisu and you make it the real way :) Love it!

Amy said...

wow!!so delicious!!

Jaleela said...

looks delicious

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