Barbecued Ribs a Go-Go!

Everyone knows that great barbecued ribs take time to get the perfect smoky flavor and fall-of-the-bone doneness. With the warmer weather of Spring, we find that we hanker for some saucy, sloppy ribs, but let’s face it with end-of-school schedules, sports practices, and daily errands finding time to grill your own ribs at home is nearly impossible.

Enter Pig Of The Month, a family-run, mail-order company from Dayton, Ohio that ships their homemade barbecue creations nationwide so you can enjoy their BBQ in the comfort of your own home. Their variety of meats (smoked using a technique that was perfected over decades) and different side choices are made with the best of locally sourced ingredients.

It just so happens that the kind folks at POTM sent us a 28 oz. sample of their Cattle King Pork Ribs to try. Our package arrived via FedEx at about 4:30pm, just as I was reaching the panic stage about what to have for dinner. I opened the Styrofoam-lined box to find a fully cooked, vacuum sealed  a slab of ribs that was cold to the touch (not frozen), reheating instructions, an empty (but still damp) pack of dry ice, 2 cute plastic bibs and plenty of moist towelettes – Voila! Dinner dilemma solved!

Following the reheating instructions, we wrapped the (thawed during shipping) in 2 sheets of aluminum foil, with every last tiny droplets of the tangy sauce we could squeeze out of the package, and placed the ribs in a 350 degree F oven for 30 minutes. Just before serving, we opened the aluminum packet (Oh, the delicious smell!) and returned it to the oven for 5 minutes or so to thicken the sauce a bit. We cut the slab into three sections and served with Dom’s amazing corn maque choux (we’ll post the recipe someday!)

Then came the real test! The teenager assessment… Both of our boys dug into the ribs like no one’s business. The oldest had not realized that these were not Dom’s ribs, so when I asked how he liked the ribs, he said they were “perfect as always” which is a high compliment to say the least as in his opinion Dom’s ribs are the best on the face of the Earth. The only admonition that was uttered was that the “Cattle King” Texas-style basting sauce was not spicy enough, but with several different sauce options, we are sure you can find one that suits your taste!

So, the next time you are craving some smoky, grilled ribs, but don’t have time to cook them at home, get the next best thing! Type into your computer’s internet browser and take a gander at the selection of goodies (or grab the phone to call 866-416-9190) and place your order.