A Jaunt to the Atlanta Urban Picnic

Peaches. An impromptu call from Sonny (while I was at the vet’s office with not one, but two cats) with a request for peaches, started the produce hunt. So, when I saw the post  this morning that there were peaches at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, it was with great delight that I remembered that every fourth Friday is the Atlanta Street Food Coalition’s “Urban Picnic.” We had never been, but had been dying to check it out!

The Atlanta Urban Picnic is like a small-scale food festival. Popular Atlanta food trucks surround the Sweet Auburn Curb Market on Edgewood Avenue offering a smorgasbord street food delicacies. This is not your typical collection of bloomin’ onions and funnel cakes, instead there are treats like handmade tamales, gourmet hotdogs, homemade ice cream, and Caribbean treats. Yumbii, the Pup Truck, Arepa Mia, Westside Creamery, The Good Food Truck, Blue Tailed Lizard and Just Loaf’N were all booming with business.
The Chihuahua

The guys decided on loaded hot dogs from the Pup Truck. Dominic got a Chihuahua (gourmet dog topped with Velveeta, Rotel, onions, jalapenos and even more cheese! He gulped it down with relish (No, not the pickle kind) declaring it “a heart attack in a bun in a good way.” Teenage speak for “totally awesome!” Sonny got the Bulldog; a classic Southern variation with melted Velveeta cheese, onions, mustard, chili and again more cheese, grated. He said very little, but it must have been scrumptuous because he was wearing as much as he ingested! Several napkins later…
Pumpkin Cheese Cake

As we headed through the door to the Market, Miss D’s was passing around fresh cheese popcorn which was mighty tasty, while the Sweet Auburn Bakery offered samples of their New York and Sweet Potato cheesecake. Sonny grabbed a bite of the New York style extolling its creamy-rich texture, and I was tempted by the decadent-looking pumpkin variety which melted in my mouth leaving a wisp of cinnamony goodness behind.

Griddled Arepas
We did a quick turn through the market noting all the delectable-looking meats, sausages and organic veggies. We settled on three nearly-ripe peaches and headed in the direction of the car. After all that was the entire reason we began this adventure wasn’t it? But wait, why was there a line over in the corner? Aha! Arepa Mia! (Venezuelan for “Mama Mia” – not really but I almost had you!) Lis and Amber explained that arepas are traditional Venezuelan snacks. I ordered a Vegetarian made with grilled cornmeal patties stuffed with a roasted vegetable ragu of zucchini, bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, cauliflower, collard greens, and black beans topped with queso blanco and cilantro jalapeno salsa as well as…(Okay, I was so distracted by the smell of the cooking arepas that I didn’t hear what was in the other sauce), but the combination of flavors was incredible. Steamy toasted corn and vegetables with cheese and cilantro were simply too die for!

A half-eaten Vegetarian Arepa

And, quite filling as it turned out, thus I had no room for ice cream from Westside Creamery (Boo hoo.) However, I quickly made a note that next Urban Picnic will be held on Saturday, June 11th. Be sure to mark your calendars for the second Saturday and fourth Friday of every month for the Urban Picnic at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market!