Live a Clean deliberateLIFE

In the new world on digital media, there are a cacophony of e-magazines designed specifically for ipads and e-readers. With the ability to embed moving graphics, video content and zoom features, digital magazines are truly an enhanced experience. Yet, even the glitziest of widgets cannot overcome lackluster content and writing.

Imagine the surprise to find a digital magazine that is not only candy for the eyes with well-written articles spanning a diverse spectrum of topics. Chock-full of articles, deliberateLIFE magazine is focused on inspiring people to live well and make intentional choices about how they should best spend their time and money, engage in their communities, and understand global issues.

The most recent issue of deliberateLIFE is an ode to the wonderful months of summer and the great outdoors. The Perspectives section features recollections of and reflections on happy memories of summer; the Kids Corner includes a variety of activities to help students to learn to live a purpose-driven life; the Travel section gives a window into Cambodia with its rich and complex cultural history; and, the Daily Life section offers tips for being a conscientious consumer of summer produce, ideas for memorable, yard- to-table summer soirees, recipes for “cruelty-free” cocktails, and recommendations for safe, natural spring cleaning products like lemons:
  • The juice from this acidic fruit cleans hard water deposits and soap scum easily. 
  • To create a cleaning paste, mix lemon juice with baking soda. Use the paste to remove odors from cutting boards, and to shine copper and brass.
  • Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the top with salt. Use it to scrub dishes and plates.Lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent for removing stains as well.
  • Drop used lemons and peels into the garbage disposal to clean the blades and freshen the kitchen air.
To get a sneak peek at the magazine, visit the deliberateLIFE blog. The deliberateLIFE Magazine is published six times a year and the ipad app is currently free through the iPad Newsstand. Once you have  downloaded the app, it will be visible in the iPad Newsstand and then you will see all available issues. Choose to download a single issue for $3.99 or subscribe and receive a reduced price-per-issue. Subscribers also have access to exclusive content provide throughout the year.

From the daily commute to the food you eat, you will find ideas about everyday things that you can do to live a more healthy, engaged, globally- conscious, deliberate life.