Cooks' Hot Holiday Gadgets 2013

This morning before most folks had finished their first cup of coffee, twelve faithful foodies were seated The Cook’s Warehouse indulging in a delicious repast at the Third Annual Blogger Breakfast hosted by owner Mary Moore and her amazing staff.

Meridith Ford, pastry chef, instructor and former dining critic/food writer for the AJC, was in the test kitchen using the new Kenwood Cooking Chef Mixer to make and proof the dough for her cinnamon rolls and demonstrating the Woll Diamond Nonstick Saute Pan to make a “massive” spinach frittata.

While we nibbled on biscuits, cinnamon rolls and frittata, and sipped orange juice, Thrive Farmers Coffee, and Bloody Marys made in a Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker, Mary regaled us with her Baker’s Dozen (+1) Hot Holiday Gadgets 2013:

After breakfast, Lania from The King of Pops shared seasonal flavored pops such as sweet potato soufflĂ©, pumpkin pie and my choice of Herbs de Provence.  We said our goodbyes and were invited to wander through the TCW flagship store to view many more gift ideas before it opened to the public.