NYC's Baker and Co. Hits the Spot

On a recent trip to New York City with my son, I found myself tired, thirsty and hungry as we ambled into Greenwich Village. First of all, if you haven’t been to that area in recent years it is much different than years gone. The neighborhood is much gentrified with a more vibrant business environment lacking the more colorful population I recall in the early 80’s.

Wandering down Bleecker, we happened upon the newly opened Baker and Co. Briefly this place is a gem.  Given the ramblings of this blog, I am sure you know that I (Dom) can be a bit picky…

The attractive, homey space with its original mosaic flooring beckons for a leisurely lunch lingering over a bottle of wine from the restaurant's all-Italian list. The railroad depot-style restaurant reaches its terminus in a small patio in the back, surrounded by the unpopulated backs of old neighborhood buildings.

The food doesn't adhere to a strict Northern Italian approach, with offerings like a riff on one of Rome's most famous dishes - Baker's Mac and Cheese "Cacio e Pepe." Owners Elena Fabiani and Markus Dorfmann have once again tapped Chef Ricardo Buitoni to execute their culinary vision, which includes a seasonal menu of (non-traditional) Italian comfort food.

The selection of wine and beer is quite impressive and the food is terrific.  I was particularly happy with the pasta, sausage and rabe; a dish we make often but they do better, (got to be honest with yourself).  Even though I am not a big fan of croquettes, these were great! Made with risotto and crushed truffle, these are not your typical rice fritters! All of this at a reasonable price; twenty bucks for a big plate of pasta and a draft Moretti lager. Given the environs, THAT is saying something.

So if you find yourself in on Bleecker Street in NYC, stop in and tell General Manager CJ Marsi that we say, “hello.” He is wonderful to chat with. And be sure to ask him about their specialty “spiritless” cocktails!

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