J.R. Revelry Makes a Splash

So what is more fun than a Girl’s Night Out with your favorite blogging friends? A little swag to take home! After a fun evening with my BFFs (best foodie friends), we all got a DIY kit for making a fresh bourbon cocktail. Lynn Lily of Craftbox Girls assembled the cute bags with a jigger of J. Revelry bourbon, a grapefruit, some fresh blueberries, a mason jar, an adorable cocktail napkin, and matching paper straw along with a recipe card with instructions for making the concoction. 

But wait it gets even better! Following the directions, we made Grapefruit Splash cocktails and posted some photos on Instagram to show our appreciation. Little did we know that for posting the photos, J.R. Revelry would send us a fifth of their small-batch bourbon!

J.R. Revelry is the creation of Rick Tapia who worked for the finest names in the spirits industry developing a refined taste and unique expertise. Based in Atlanta, Tapia’s new venture, La Bodega Internacional, produces specialty, handcrafted, premium spirits, including J.R. Revelry Bourbon Whiskey which d├ębuted in 2015 to delight the palates of those looking for the smooth, flavorful taste of well-crafted bourbon. 

And since we received this swag from Craftbox Girls, it seems only appropriate that we add a tad of craftiness to this post. Making a sippy top for your iconic Southern mason jars is much easier than you'd think. Using an old-school single hole puncher, punch a hole in the lid. It may take a bit of muscle, but that’s it! Put the lid on your mason jar and pop in a straw.