Here is a comprehensive list of techniques featured in "Technique of the Week" posts:      

Acidulating Creaming Infusing Sharpening
Baking Crimping Kneading Shucking
Barding Curing Marinating Simmering
Blackening Deglazing Mascerating Slicing
Blanching Degorging Mulling Sous Vide
Boiling Deveining Peeling Sprinkling
Braising Deviling Pickling Steaming
Brining Espressing Pounding (Paillard) Stewing
Broiling Extruding Proofing Stirring
Caramelizing FlambĂ©ing Pureeing  Stuffing
Carving Frying: Deep Rubbing Toasting
Chopping Frying: Pan Sautéing Tossing
Coring Grating  Scalding Trussing
Corning Grilling Searing Whipping